How can i convert dynamic disk back to basic disk

You may have come across with a situation while shrinking or extending partition space. In Windows Disk Management, you can shrink or extend any existing partition space to each other. Mean you can shrink space from one partition and extends that shrinked space to another. But if you need to create a new partition of the released space after shrinking, you will get  the following message at time of new partition creation.

shrinking and extending parition size

shrinking and extending partition size

and if you mistakenly press YES. OMG you gone. you will not be able to restart your computer next time. Really? yes i mean it. So What is all this?

To get more detail of basic and dynamic disks visit this link: The summary is after above step, your drive will be converted to dynamic disk and dynamic disk can not boot any OS. Windows will not allow you to convert it back to basic disk.



So whats the solution then?

One way is backup your data, delete all partitions and then create them again as basic. (Microsoft will offer this solution.)

Not happy with this solution? So let me give you the best one which i did.

There is 3rd party free software which can do the job without loosing any data. Although there are many others. But the simplest one is EaseUS

Simple install this software and convert your dynamic disk back to basic in just simple clicks.




Sana Beginner Programmer Asked on April 4, 2014 in General Question.
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