How to create a Facebook page with no name?

If you are a Facebook user, this title will sound you a bit strange. Facebook page with no name? Yes believe me, today i will show you how you can create your own Facebook page having no name.

Although it’s not a good thing to do. Every page must have a name for its identity. But just for fun if you want to show your friends your page without name. It will be amazing:)

So here is a simple trick:


Create a new Facebook page. (Click here if you don’t know where to create a new Facebook page)


creating new facebook page

creating new facebook page

After choosing any category, give the following text as a name.



After creating page, you can skip general settings steps. Like setting profile picture, setting cover photos etc. You will see the following look of your page after successfully creating the page.

facebook page creation

facebook page creation

you can still see those characters. So here is the final step. Edit page info, the first option you will see ‘Page Name’. Edit your page name and delete all the characters and save the settings. That’s it. You have done it! Your Facebook page is alive without any name:)

You can see my example page which i just generated for this post here.

Sana Beginner Programmer Asked on January 17, 2014 in General Question.
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