What is the difference in visiting a website with WWW or without WWW

You might have noticed sometimes while typing the URL of a website that should i type with www.websitename.com or only websitename.com. (All browser these days prefix any url with http:// or https:// so no need to type it.). So whats the difference in typing www or without typing www.

Generally speaking there is no difference. As both URLs will point to the IP for which they are configured.

www in web addresses

www in web addresses


But how come then sometimes if you type domain.com it works andĀ www.domain.com doesn’t work?


Its just the matter how the server for that website is configured for its DNS records. Any domain name is pointing to a server where that particular website is hosted. In DNS terms we call it A record which tells where this particular domain is pointing to. Handling www is CNAME record stuff which usually all servers DNS records have. This makes an alias of that domain. e.g On most of the servers a CNAME record exists for www. so if a user type www.domain.com browser will redirect it to domain.com. Vice versa is true as well if your server DNSĀ settings are configured for that.

But if you don’t have any CNAME record then only entry for A record will open the website whereas the other one will throw error.


Sana Beginner Programmer Asked on September 14, 2014 in General Question.
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