How to get Dropdown id in JQuery?


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Hafiz Farhan Junior Programmer Asked on November 26, 2015 in Interview Questions.
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i don’t clear what you really want to ask . I guess you are asking about the selected item ID of drop down through jQuery ? If yes , Here is the solution you can implement to get selected Item ID of Dropdown in jQuery .

HTML Test Markup : 

Example : 1
<Select id = "example1">
<option value = "1">C++</option>
<option value = "2">JAVA</option>
<option value = "3">C#</option>
<option value = "4">PHP</option>
Example 2 :
<Select id = "example2">
<option id = "1">C++</option>
<option id = "2">JAVA</option>
<option id = "3">C#</option>
<option id = "4">PHP</option>

jQuery Code : 

// On Change event
$("#example1").on('change' , function () {
$("#example2").on('change' , function () {

Note: In DropdownList, if you want to set id,text relation from your database then, set id as value in option tag, not by adding extra id attribute inside option .Its not standard paractise though i did both in my answer but i prefer example 1 .

Hope this answer will help you .

Salman Nazir Junior Programmer Answered on November 27, 2015.
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